Do you qualify as an heir-at-law in a California probate situation? An heir-at-law is someone who stands to inherit from the estate of someone even if not listed in a will or is no will was ever created. If you want to pursue claiming an inheritance even if you weren’t mentioned in a will, you’ll need to actually go through the process of contesting the will.

Contesting A Will As An Heir-At-Law

First of all, you can’t contest a will unless you have legal standing to do so. But if you’re a child of the deceased person and weren’t mentioned in the will but your siblings were, for example, you have a shot. Here’s what you need to prove: You must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the deceased person didn’t leave you out of the will on purpose. For example, you could argue that the person was coerced by someone else to leave you out of the will. In that case, leaving you out of a will wouldn’t have been their honest intent. Another situation could be that they intended to amend their will to include you, but never got the chance. The deceased person’s final wishes are certainly important.

Just keep in mind, if you decide to contest a will, it will be a difficult thing to prove that you are indeed due the inheritance. Plus, it can get ugly in court. So, be sure to ask yourself if there might be a reason you were left out. If you really do believe your loved one intended for you to have an inheritance though, the first step is to consult with an attorney.

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