Most people know that debt doesn’t actually transfer upon the death of the debtor. If you have debt, when you die, they can’t make your next of kin pay your debt out of their own pocket, for example. Still, it doesn’t exactly go away either. If you have an estate, creditors will go after your estate to get their money back. Unless you created specific protections to avoid paying your debt from certain parts of your estate, this is just part of the probate process, and your creditors get first dibs. So, the next of kin doesn’t pay out of their own pocket for the debtors’ debt, but they may not inherit as much. The creditors get paid before funds are allocated to heirs.

This doesn’t mean some creditors won’t try to act like the next of kin has a responsibility to pay off their loved one’s debt. Sometimes, they will try. We once heard of a woman getting a call from a motorcycle dealership saying she owed money for her brother’s bike… when he was still alive! So, creditors will try to get their money sometimes in unseemly ways. Of course, had the woman co-signed on the loan, she would have been responsible. But in this instance, she didn’t.

That brings up another important point. When co-signing on a loan for someone, be aware that if they die, that debt is generally all yours! So, if you co-sign on someone’s home and they pass away, you suddenly have the responsibility of resolving that debt.

Most of the time, creditors extract the funds they need from the debtor’s estate. Once all the debt is paid from the estate and all the court and professional fees are paid, the remainder can get passed along to heirs.

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