Yes. An offer of compensation in a MLS normally creates an enforceable commission agreement between brokers, but only if the cooperating broker is a member of the same MLS (or an MLS with reciprocal privileges) and accepted the offer of compensation relying on the MLS listing. The listing broker may specify in the MLS that the offer of compensation goes only to the successful cooperating office. According to the California Model MLS Rules:

For estate sale or probate listings, the compensation offered through the service under these rules and this section shall be considered an agreement as referred to in California Probate Code Section 10165 and will therefore supersede any commission splits provided by statute when there is no agreement. This section contemplates that estate sale, probate and bankruptcy judges have broad discretion and therefore are not intended as a guarantee of a specific result as to commissions in every probate or bankruptcy sale.

The listing office may also specify the amount of compensation going to the first cooperating office (unconfirmed cooperating broker compensation-“ucb”) if the accepted offer is overbid at the court confirmation hearing. (Cal. Model MLS Rule § 7.15.1.).