A Notice of Sale must be published prior to the sale of estate real property unless the will directs the real property to be sold or gives authority to the personal representative to sell the real property. The Notice of Sale provides the public with required information concerning the sale and will typically be handled by the attorney for the estate. The contents of the Notice of Sale can be found in Probate Code Section 10304.

A Notice of Sale of real property must be published at least three times over a period of not less than 10 days before the sale, with the third publication at least five days after the first (Cal. Prob. Code § 10300; Cal. Gov’t Code § 6063a). All publications must be in a newspaper published at least weekly in the county in which all or some of the property is situated.

Certain sales are exempt from this requirement, most importantly, sales under the IAEA (Cal. Prob. Code § 10503—the property may be sold with or without notice).