We’ve discussed the 2018 changes to the Trust and Estate law that doubled the per-person estate tax exemption from $5.45 Million to $11.2 Million per person. We talked about how the exemption will continue to grow with the rate of inflation. The question is, “Is there a sunset provision in the 2018 estate tax exemption law changes?

The answer to that? Yes.

There’s no guarantee that is you live until the year 2026 that all of these exemption increases won’t take a nose dive back down to the 2017 levels. A sunset provision is scheduled for the year 2026. So these increases allowing an estate tax exemption of $11.2 Million per person may only last eight years.

Obviously, it’s hard to know what a 2026 Congress will choose to do. So, people who don’t make lifetime gifts, shouldn’t assume that the exemption will still be there if they outlive the point of the sunset provision. All of this uncertainty means people with valuable estates need to consult with an estate planner more than they ever did.

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