As probate realtors, our jobs come with complex emotional situations. Closing on a home is always emotional. There’s the end of an era and a new beginning. Plus, the stress of the whole process. Yet, with probate, there’s frequently another layer of emotion. Often many different emotions, from multiple family member. With probate real estate, we often interact with multiple adult family members of the person who died. Each of them individually may feel numerous feelings through the process of selling the estate. Sometimes people feel grief, helplessness and loss. Sometimes, after caring for a family member for years, they even feel a sense of relief, only to end up feeling guilty about the relief they feel.

Look, we’ve seen this vast array of emotions. We’re not the least bit uncomfortable with these feelings. We certainly wouldn’t work as probate realtors if we did. As probate realtors, we often help people sell their childhood home. Selling a home can resurrect grief that people didn’t even realize was still in there. It’s also an entirely other loss. Memories are stored in those houses. Often, family members of the deceased aren’t prepared for how emotional it actually can be, especially when the home they have to sell is their childhood home. Suddenly, there’s one more thing to grieve over.

There are some things people can do to soften the loss a little. First of all, we suggest you spend some time in your old home with your camera. Take pictures of your old bedroom, the old tire swing, even the tiles in the shower or kitchen sink. Sometimes people take pictures of the most unique aspects of their childhood home before they sell the home.

Remember that crack on the ceiling you used to stare up at while falling asleep? Or the ding you put in the kitchen tile? Photos of special areas of the home can help people feel like they retain the memories a little more. So, snap those pictures. Don’t be embarrassed.

We understand.

Sometimes people even take a fixture for something tangible. Future owners may need a door knob, but they don’t necessarily need the exact doorknob on your old bedroom with the Luke Skywalker sticker still on it and the slightly bent keyhole from when you accidentally locked yourself out. It’s OK to replace special memory-laden fixtures with new fixtures. They’re just something extra to hold on to. These things can help you maintain a connection to your childhood home long after the new owners move in.

We specialize in probate real estate. We understand.

Do You Need A California Realtor Specializing In Probate?

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