Probate Overbidding In Los Angeles

How much do you know about overbidding in California probate court? Think you can sweeten the deal with special terms? Nope! If you're an overbidder in probate court, you're going to have to purchase the property under the [...]

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Avoid Paying Too Much For Probate Property

Do you know how to avoid paying too much for Orange County probate property? Obviously, the first step, after getting a preapproval amount from a lender would be to consult a skilled real estate agent specializing in Orange [...]

Initiating Probate Litigation In California

Do you need to initiate probate litigation in California? Did you know that in California, probate petitions are initiated in superior court. First, you'll need to start the probate litigation in the county where the decedent lived just [...]

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You Want To Buy An Orange County Probate Property? Things You Must Know

If you're looking at an Orange County probate property for sale, there are a few things you should know. First of all, probate sales come with special disclosure documents that govern the probate sales. Make sure you carefully read [...]

Legal Terms For Specific Interested Parties In Probate Court

There are two common legal terms for people named in a will: Legatees or Devisees. A devisee is someone who is left real estate. A legatee is someone who is left personal property. The term "devise" is supposed [...]

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Do I Have A Duty To Disclose A Stigmatized Home In California?

Stigmatized property sales are sales of homes where there has been some kind of misfortune happen. For example, all the following situations would cause a property to be considered a stigmatized property: suicide, murder, cult activity, famous crimes, [...]

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Understanding The Probate Property Sales Process Matters

The probate property sales process gets fairly involves. There are a lot of people involved in the process. People involved in the probate property sale process include personnel of the court, the probate referee, the executor or administrator [...]

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What Are The Duties Of A California Conservator?

Has someone asked you to be a conservator in California? This is an important decision, so think carefully on the duties and responsibilities before agreeing to become a conservator. Duties of a Conservator The duties of a conservator [...]

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What Is A Conservatorship?

What is a conservatorship? A conservatorship is a special legal arrangement. When a person has the court-appointed fiduciary responsibility for the care of another adult, they are a conservator. The person who is being provided for is the [...]

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