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Cash, part cash, little cash, good credit no cash, good credit lots of cash… You see a pattern here? There is one here, and if you are not sure which you are or aren’t, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to help you navigate the home buying process.

The most important thing buyers miss in any market is this: Can you compete with cash? If you don’t have all cash to complete your sale, don’t fret! Our job is to position you so you can compete and WIN! Anything less is an exercise in futility!

So the next biggest challenge is this: Are you clear about the impact of not allowing a proper consultation to be given to you because you know everything and believe what you read on the internet? Most people who write about buyer advice don’t practice real estate professionally, and this begs the question: Do you know what happens in a proper consultation? I’m guessing you may think you do, but likelier, you don’t. How do we know? Listening to your point of view. Now, this is not saying we we don’t listen to your needs, that is totally different. What is meant is that success leaves clues… If you can’t reverse engineer what happened on a successful closing which to us means the client ends up wanting to be the agents outspoken advocate, then you can’t have any idea how the super happy clients are served. Want a clue, it is directly related to the length of the checklist the agent uses to execute their client’s plan.


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