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When you’re selling probate real estate, you need to work with a team of highly qualified professionals.

That includes probate attorneys in Los Angeles County who are experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the selling process.

Receive a Personally Recommended Attorney Based on Your Conditions

Do You Need to Talk to a Probate Real Estate Agent?

In order to sell the property quickly and at the right price, it’s essential that you’re working with an expert in probate real estate – and that’s where we come in.

Call us toll-free at 800-804-0540. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, refer you to local experts, and aggressively market the property so it’s front-and-center for potential buyers.

2510, 2018

VA Benefits: Planning Options For Surviving Spouses Of Veterans

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  Did you know that the VA looks at the claimant's total net worth, income, expenses and even life expectancy to determine if they should qualify for a monthly pension benefit? Sometimes, a veteran or surviving spouse will exceed the limit on assets. This doesn't mean the benefit is out of reach though. [...]

910, 2018

Can You Avoid Probate?

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It's possible that you may not have to go through the probate process in order to inherit personal property. There are rules about what type of property this works for. Plus, the entire estate must be worth $150,000 or less. There is a simpler process under these certain circumstances. This simplified process can't [...]

210, 2018

Leaving Assets To Minors – What’s The Best Way?

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If your child is still a minor when you die, the court may get involved in handling any assets left to them. See, minors can be named on a title, but they can't actually conduct any kind of business in their own names. Because of this, if left to a child in the [...]