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Selling probate real estate in Los Angeles County can be an in-depth process, and if you’re like most people, you’re not quite sure how it works.

This guide will walk you through the decisions you need to make and what your probate Realtor® will do to make the entire transaction go smoothly.

The Selling Process for Probate Real Estate in LA County

First, you’ll give your probate Realtor authorization to list the home. You can’t trust just anyone with this big responsibility, though. You need an agent representing your best interests from start to finish – one who’s had a proven track record of success in LA County.

Once you’ve authorized your agent to sell the house, he’ll review the title, publish the appropriate notices, and determine the listing price that’s most likely to attract the right potential buyers.

A Word on Listing Price

A home – any home, not just one in probate – is only worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Through careful evaluation of comparable homes and all available data, your agent will zero in on the right price to sell the home quickly.

Strategic Marketing

It’s essential for a seller to meet buyers where they are, and more than 90 percent of all buyers begin their searches online. Your agent will aggressively market the property online through multiple listing services, through his own highly trafficked website, and on several other platforms that attract thousands of buyers each day.

If necessary, your agent will also hold an open house. (You and your agent will discuss whether you should hold an open house before he begins marketing the property.)

Negotiating Offers

When potential buyers make offers on the home, your agent will be there to help you negotiate the best possible price.

When you accept one, he’ll open escrow and ensure that the buyers are qualified to purchase the property. Your Realtor and your attorney will handle all the paperwork so you can rest easy until closing day.

Do You Need to Talk to a Probate Real Estate Agent in LA County?

Call us toll-free at 800-804-0540 now. We can help you sell your property quickly and at the right price – and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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