Sometimes buyers become suspicious when a property is in a trust, but the sellers won’t provide a termite report. There is no reason to pass on a house in a trust just because the sellers won’t provide a termite report. It certainly doesn’t mean they are hiding anything. It’s common practice for people to sell homes in a trust or in probate “As-Is” and that includes leaving out the provision for a termite report.

Even if the sellers provide a termite report, it’s always best practice to pay for your own inspections anyway. Your realtor can put inspection contingencies in your offer. Some termite companies provide inspections at no cost, but even with a fee, this inspection is worth it. Just because a seller won’t provide a termite inspection doesn’t mean that you can’t get one yourself. And it certainly doesn’t mean that there is a termite problem they hope you won’t notice.

Section 1 clearance for termites is usually required by lenders, but you may have to pay for it yourself. This means that any actual damage or infestation would require corrective work. Section 2 clearance is not generally required, which would cover conditions likely to lead to infestation or damage. In Los Angeles, it’s generally customary for the seller to pay for Section 1 clearance, but LA rules don’t specifically require that a home seller provide a termite report or either clearance.

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