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Overbidders: Traditional Real Estate Negotiation Methods Don’t Apply

We recently talked about overbidding in California probate court. As an overbidder in court, you should know that traditional real estate negotiation methods do not apply. Actually, you will have to purchase the property under the exact same [...]

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Understanding The Probate Property Sales Process Matters

The probate property sales process gets fairly involves. There are a lot of people involved in the process. People involved in the probate property sale process include personnel of the court, the probate referee, the executor or administrator [...]

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If Part Of An Estate Is To Escheat To The State Of California, Do You Notify The AG?

Personal Representatives involved in the probate process have many responsibilities. Sometimes they must notify the Attorney General of things.  So, in other words, they need to send a "Notice of Proposed Actions by Personal Representative" to the Attorney [...]

Seven Classes Of Creditors Under California Probate Code

In California Probate Code, there's an order in which creditors' claims are addressed. Section 11420 of the Probate Code organizes them into classes and assigns them priority. Here are the seven classes of creditors under California Probate Code. [...]