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Avoid Paying Too Much For Probate Property

Do you know how to avoid paying too much for Orange County probate property? Obviously, the first step, after getting a preapproval amount from a lender would be to consult a skilled real estate agent specializing in Orange [...]

Do I Have A Duty To Disclose A Stigmatized Home In California?

Stigmatized property sales are sales of homes where there has been some kind of misfortune happen. For example, all the following situations would cause a property to be considered a stigmatized property: suicide, murder, cult activity, famous crimes, [...]

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How To Give Notice To The California Attorney General In Probate Matters

If you're a personal representative for an estate in California probate, you may sometimes need to give notice of proposed actions to the California Attorney General's Office. First of all, don't try to go through the probate process without [...]

California Probate Law: Notifying Creditors By Newspaper

  Before a decedent's estate gets distributed, the administrator has to notify creditors. We've talked about that recently in an earlier post. In addition to notifying known as suspected creditors by mail, the California probate code has another [...]

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Deadlines for Filing: Requirements of Propositions 58 and 193?

What are the time filing requirements of Propositions 58 and 193? Many heirs ask this question. In order to take advantage of these constitutional initiatives which provide property tax relief for real property transfers between parents and children [...]

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Probate Terms: Person Interested In The Estate

  Who qualifies as a "person interested in the estate?" That's a common question. The term "person interested in the estate" means any person who has received or is entitled to receive any property or interest in the [...]

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