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What Money Is Needed While Overbidding On Probate Property In California?

We've talked about overbidding on California probate real estate recently. One question we have been getting asked though is this: What money should I bring to court when overbidding on a probate offer. This is an excellent question. [...]

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Terms And Conditions For Probate Sales In California

Do you understand the terms and conditions for probate sales in California? There are specific terms and conditions that make them significantly different from other real estate transactions. The terms and conditions are generally the same for all [...]

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Overbidders: Traditional Real Estate Negotiation Methods Don’t Apply

We recently talked about overbidding in California probate court. As an overbidder in court, you should know that traditional real estate negotiation methods do not apply. Actually, you will have to purchase the property under the exact same [...]

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Avoid Paying Too Much For Probate Property

Do you know how to avoid paying too much for Orange County probate property? Obviously, the first step, after getting a preapproval amount from a lender would be to consult a skilled real estate agent specializing in Orange [...]