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What Money Is Needed While Overbidding On Probate Property In California?

We've talked about overbidding on California probate real estate recently. One question we have been getting asked though is this: What money should I bring to court when overbidding on a probate offer. This is an excellent question. [...]

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What Is A Probate Referee?

If you're going through probate, you may have heard of a probate referee. Have you wondered what exactly a probate referee is? The probate referee appraises the probate property. See, before real property is even allowed to be [...]

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What Happens If California Probate Properties Don’t Sell?

We've discussed that an offer on California probate properties has to come in at 90 percent of the appraised value. Yet, what happens if the probate property won't sell for this price? What if the real estate market [...]

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