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Do You Have To Remove A Former Spouse As A Fiduciary?

Do you have to remove a former spouse as a fiduciary? In California, you don't have to go in and remove a former spouse as a fiduciary. Even if the spouse is listed in you will, if your [...]

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What Assets Don’t Generally Go Through Probate?

When someone dies and the estate lands in probate court, not all assets have to go through the probate process. When something is in your name only, that's an obvious asset that would go through probate. Bank accounts, [...]

Is Your Probate Real Estate Classified As Needs Court Confirmation?

Depending on the amount of authority granted an executor, probate real estate properties are classified as either "Court Confirmation Not Needed" or "Needs Court Confirmation." First of all, if an Executor was given full authority, they have the right [...]

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Probate Sales: Top 10 Things You MUST know about Selling Probate

WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW ABOUT CALIFORNIA PROBATE REAL ESTATE? Here are the top 10 things you must know if you are are going to sell a Property in Probate: You won't find many agents who specialize in this [...]

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