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Is There A Property Size Limit For Props 58 & 193 Exclusions?

Let's say that your parents transferred you a property with a home on 15 acres of land. Is there a property size limit for excluding this property from reassessment if it's your primary residence? Actually, that's a great [...]

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Proposition 193: Exclusion-Qualifying Grandchildren

Proposition 193 allows for property tax relief by excluding a property from reassessment for property taxes is passed from grandparent to grandchild. Not all grandchildren qualify though. California's Proposition 193 is kind of an extension of Proposition 58. [...]

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Proposition 193: The Nitty Gritty About Qualified Grandchildren

We've discussed Proposition 193 and Proposition 58 many times on this blog. Here's a fact: Grandparents can't always transfer their properties to their children without reappraisals. That's why many people wonder, "Is my grandchild an eligible transferee of my property [...]

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Deadlines for Filing: Requirements of Propositions 58 and 193?

What are the time filing requirements of Propositions 58 and 193? Many heirs ask this question. In order to take advantage of these constitutional initiatives which provide property tax relief for real property transfers between parents and children [...]

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