Did you know that the VA looks at the claimant’s total net worth, income, expenses and even life expectancy to determine if they should qualify for a monthly pension benefit? Sometimes, a veteran or surviving spouse will exceed the limit on assets. This doesn’t mean the benefit is out of reach though. Probate lawyers can help surviving souses or veterans achieve the benefits they earn.

One way that planning attorneys help veterans and surviving spouses if with a Veterans Asset Protection Trust. A Veterans Asset Protection Trust can help qualify a veteran or surviving spouse almost immediately. Why?  Assets can be put into this trust, but unlike with many other government programs, there is no look back period for the VA Benefit.

This is especially important to discuss with your probate attorney, because sometimes, after a veteran passes away, life insurance can cause the surviving spouse or the veteran to suddenly exceed the asset limit. When assets are in turn put into the trust, because there is no look back period, the claimant can qualify the very next month for the well-earned VA benefit.

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