All states require all financial institutions to report to them when personal property is unclaimed after a period of time or abandoned. Before it can be considered abandoned or unclaimed the institution has to make a genuine effort to locate the owner. If they can’t though, the state claims the property through escheatment. Then, the state becomes the owner of the property. If a former owner ends up claiming the property later, states often give the owner the cash value of it.

Now, when we’re talking about an estate after someone has died, we also speak of escheatment. If a decedent leaves no one to take over part or all of their estate, and no one is left as an heir, the property is also to escheat to the state. If someone believes that they are an heir to the property or even just a blood relative, they can always apply to the California lost property department with their name, Social Security number and other information that might help their claim. In California, people have five years to make this claim or the property permanently escheats to the State of California.

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