What does it mean if someone dies intestate? If you’re looking for just a definition, that’s simple. Someone who dies intestate dies leaving no will or trust. What it means to loved ones left behind is more complicated. An unmarried person who dies intestate in California leaves the laws of intestate succession in charge of their estate. In California, the estate of someone who dies intestate and unmarried  is distributed in the following manner:

Unmarried Intestate Succession In California

  1. To their children, in equal shares in the same generation. Other issue, such as grandchildren, would not necessarily receive equal shares as a child though.
  2. When no children or other issue are alive, the estate gets passed to the parents of the person who died, if they are still alive.
  3.  If the parents are no longer alive though, then the issue of the parents inherit the estate. This commonly means the person who passed away’s siblings. If the estate owner’s siblings are also not still alive, then the siblings’ children inherit the share of the estate that the decedent’s siblings would have inherited.
  4.  When none of these situation’s exist, the next heirs are the decedent’s grandparents, if they are alive. Yet, if they also died, then the issue of the grandparents inherit the estate. This would mean the decedent’s aunts and uncles, or if they also died, the estate owner’s cousins. If they aren’t still alive, the decedent’s first cousins’ children (the decedent’s first cousins, once removed) inherits the estate.
  5. If none of these people exist or are alive, then Probate Code declares a next of kin in equal degree. Sometimes, this involves hunting down second cousins!

Perhaps you’d rather your best friend or a neighbor who’s helped you out in hard times to inherit your estate instead of a distant cousin. Maybe you’d like a caregiver who you’ve spent every day with to inherit your estate instead of an aunt you haven’t seen in years. Those are very good reasons to create a will, especially if you’re single. If you need estate planning advice, we can suggest a local professional you can trust!

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