In California, real property reassessments often lead to huge property tax hikes once the property is sold or transferred. The good news: Propositions 58 and 193 protect certain family members when the sale or transfer meets certain conditions. For example, if the property sale or transfer is between a parent and a child or a grandparent and a grandchild, sometimes you can avoid the reassessment completely! So, lets’ take a look at real property transfers excluded from property reassessments.

Which Real Property Transfers Are Excluded From Reassessment?

Thanks to Propositions 58 and 193, any time the transfer is of primary residences, you may be qualify to avoid the reassessment. Plus, if the property is the primary residence, there is no value limit! When the real property isn’t a primary residence, then only the first one-million dollars of real property can be excluded from reassessment.

The exclusion also works if the transfer is via a trust. So, when the present beneficial ownership is from a parent to a child, then the change in ownership would fall under the parent-child exclusion for property tax purposes.

Keep in mind, though we deal with probate, these exclusions are also allowed if the transfer is the result of a gift or sale too.

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